I'm a Graphic Designer that lives in Columbia, SC. I enjoy the weirder, nerdier things in life. By some in this town I am known as Cat Punk. I like to make cool and/or weird things, so much that I'm starting to delve into the cosplay scene. It allows for another avenue for detail oriented making, and presents other challenges with materials and 3D scale. All in all, my favorite thing in life is a joyful challenge I can get passionate about, and being around passionate people helps me cultivate that life style.

Current Works in Progress

Right now works in progress vary from tiny sketches of buildings for a logo I'm working on, to woodworking for a head board. To the weirder stuff like a wall mounted skull with a reimagined David Bowie paint scheme and props for Turbo Kid (awesome movie on Netflix btw) cosplay I am working on.